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Fixed Index Deferred Annuities with Life Time Income Payments are cash accumulating vehicles which have two phases: The Accumulation Phase and the Life Time Income Phase. This solution provides you with the power and flexibility of controlling how long to invest your retirement money in conjunction with being able to start receiving your income when you want.

Fixed Index annuities contain two primary investment accounts, one tied to an Index and another with a Fixed Guaranteed Rate. The Index accounts are designed to mirror the performance of a common or well-known index, such as the S&P 500, NASDQ 100, Russell 1000 Index, or the S&P 100. The power of Fixed Index Annuities is their ability to offer participation in the upside potential of the markets while guaranteeing the principal amount that you put into the annuity. All interest earned during the accumulation period is tax deferred.

During the Life Time Income phase of the annuity you are paid a percentage of your accumulated value as income in regular payments. You may begin receiving your life time income from your annuity as soon as 12 months after originating the contract. The income payments are guaranteed to be the same dollar amount and are guaranteed to be paid to you or your spouse for as long as one of you lives. The amount of your income payments will never decrease regardless if you have been paid more in income than you had in accumulated value.

Key Features:

  • Life Time Income payments

  • Tax Deferred Growth

  • Principal guarantees backed by the issuing insurance carrier

  • Upside growth potential based on a selected index or fixed rate

  • Principal investment origination bonuses

Single Premium Immediate Annuities (SPIAs) are immediate income producing vehicles. An immediate annuity is designed to provide income payments that start within one to twelve months of purchasing the annuity. SPIAs are purchased by making a lump sum (one time) premium payment to the insurance carrier. Immediate Annuities can help successfully manage the risks associated with outliving your assets as the income payments are guaranteed by the issuing insurance carrier for a specified period of time or for life.

Key Features

  • Guaranteed Income backed by the issuing insurance carrier

  • Protection against outliving your assets

  • Broad range of income options including:

  • Income for Life

  • Income for a certain period i.e. (5, 10, 15, 20, 30) years

  • Income for Life with a certain period

  • Installment Refund

  • Cash Refund

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